West Wall Chairlift smashed up on CairnGorm

Today as you read this post the West Wall Chairlift lies smashed up on the slopes of Coire na Ciste on CairnGorm Mountain. Work is underway to fell the lower Coire na Ciste Chairlift and removal of snow fencing from the Aonach Bowl runs are progressing in tandem.

These are a couple of photos from the late afternoon of Wednesday 23rd August. Save the Ciste will be issuing a formal statement about the situation on CairnGorm Mountain in due course.


Above: Looking back to the remains of the top station from the last pylon on the West Wall Chairlift. Below: A pylon’s sheave assembly buckled and rammed into the soil by force of impact.

West Wall Chair

More photos are available in the photo album on Winterhighland’s Facebook and website at the following links.

Winterhighland Pix from the Slopes

Facebook Photo Album of broken up WWC


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