Renewing the Calls for Chairlift Reinstatement

Since the Save the Ciste campaign was launched during the 2010 season, the rolling 5 year average skier day figure has climbed to over 104,000 per season, twice the 5 year average in 2007.

As many will be aware Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) has pursued a 2 year long process to select a new operator for the facilities on CairnGorm Mountain, this process is currently due to be completed on Wednesday 11th June with the transfer of the operating company CairnGorm Mountain Ltd (CML) from HIE to Natural Retreats UK Ltd.

Following the initial Save the Ciste Campaign, CML brought forward plans for limited redevelopment in Coire na Ciste. These proposals involved refurbishment of the Lower Ciste Chairlift with accompanying lift served mountain bike trails, plus a zip line. These plans were shelved due to HIE initiating the tendering process that has seen Natural Retreats selected.

Natural Retreats have published a 5 year plan for redevelopment of facilities on CairnGorm. Not only does this plan not address the future of the Ciste & West Wall Chairlifts, it includes no provision for improving the inadequate snowsports uplift capacity on the mountain.

The Save the Ciste Campaign had been taking a back seat while the tendering process was being undertaken, but with Natural Retreats taking ownership of CML, the Save the Ciste Campaign is renewing it’s calls for reinstatement of the Coire na Ciste and West Wall Chairlifts.

If you have already signed our e-petiton, a big thank you and please help strengthen the calls for chairlift reinstatement by liking us on Facebook and spreading the word.

If you are considering supporting our e-petition and wish further information, please take a few minutes to browse this website. The ‘At a Glance’ page will give you a quick summary of the issues and the ‘Save the Ciste Manifesto’ provides a positive case for the future of this hugely important and unique part of CairnGorm Mountain.


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