Natural Retreats – 5 Year Plan

The following outline of Natural Retreats 5 year plan for CairnGorm Mountain is taken from the Press Release issued on 7th April 2014:


Natural Retreats have a £6.2m five-year investment plan which is being delivered across three phases. Phase 1 involves refurbishing the day lodge and retail space, refurbishing Ptarmigan restaurant and exhibition space, enhancing signage and way-finding across the Resort, improving current operational efficiencies, creating an exceptional retail and F&B experience, starting planning application for new facilities and integrating the Natural Retreats brand. Phase 2 consists of, subject to planning, building a new Day Lodge with dedicated space for Retail, Catering, a new Activity Centre and Equipment Hire. This new building is planned for £4m and HIE have approved a loan to Natural Retreats for this. This phase also includes plans to launch a new nursery slope with new beginners’ lift and Perma-Snow slope. Phase 3 involves reconfiguring the Ptarmigan with a new Education Centre and a new restaurant.


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  1. Building shopping facilities will not attract more customers .
    No one will drive (5 hours in my case ) unless the skiing and snowboarding is good. Reducing the skiing / snowboarding on offer just makes me want to go elsewhere .
    My children do not like drag lifts and I know other parents have the same issue . So reducing chair lifts is effectively barring families from visiting . The money should be spent on increasing the skiing / snowboarding opportunity and with the extra revenue generated only then should increased shopping be considered .

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