“The economic heart of our largest national park continues its downhill spiral”

Last Friday, Dave Morris former director of Ramblers Scotland had a letter published in the Herald newspaper titled “Time for the Scottish Government to take action to bring about rural prosperity”. The full text of the letter can be read on Herald website.

There is much discussion at present about further Land Reform and the opportunities it could present for improved economic prosperity and indeed environmental enhancements. Below follows a section of the letter that relates directly to the ongoing situation on CairnGorm Mountain:

In 1971 a disastrous decision by the UK Government led to the transfer of nearly 1,500 hectares of the upper slopes of Glenmore National Forest Park from Forestry Commission ownership to Highlands and Islands Development Board, the HIE predecessor body. Today the First Minister can see the result of so-called stewardship of this iconic tract of land by HIDB/HIE – abandoned ski tows and chairlifts, derelict and decaying buildings, collapsed and rotting snow fences and zero possibility that her public agency knows how to plan for the future. The economic heart of our largest national park continues its downhill spiral. Ms Sturgeon needs only a brief exposure to HIE’s incompetence in mountain land management to realise this land must be returned to the Forestry Commission (FC) as soon as possible. We need integrated planning and operations, from the lowest to the highest slopes of Cairn Gorm, by the public body which has been managing land in the Cairngorms since 1923; even better if the FC can also establish a community development trust to involve local and national stakeholders in its management of the whole Forest Park.

Chairlift Drive Station
The Coire na Ciste Chairlift Drive Station.

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