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I, , call for the reinstatement of the Coire na Ciste and West Wall Chairlifts.

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  1. having been fortunate enough to enjoy skiing in Scotland for 52 years, it grieves me to see the Cairngorm uplift equipment fall into disrepair. With the inclusion of the Ciste area, Cairngorm offers some of the best skiing in Scotland, but without it, it falls far short of many of the other Scottish ski areas.

  2. Emmanuelle Tulle says:

    Any tender should have been considered on the basis of the following criteria:
    – improving the skiing infrastructure to make sure that the user experience is maximised, including when snow conditions are good.
    – who would want to drive 6 hours (return trip) from the central belt of Scotland for a spot of shopping? I can’t shop when I’m queuing for 45 minutes at tows anyway.
    – what about the staff? How would these developments improve their work conditions and reward them for the great work they do to keep the ski area running in challenging circumstances? ‘Natural’ (? how is shopping natural?) Retreats should pledge to be a sustainable employer.

  3. Ian Deveney says:

    Bring back the chair and make it suitable for summer use for mountain bikers and walkers.

  4. Fraser says:

    Is there A copy of their 5 year plan around?

  5. John Flavell Smith says:

    Great Website highlighting the waste of the fantastic skiing in Corie na Ciste.
    The problem of uplift is not restricted to the Ciste – since the White Lady tow has gone, the bottom third of the White Lady, arguably Scotland’s most iconic run is not skiable as one has to traverse out to get to the middle station of the funicular.
    Full uplift for the White Lady and the Ciste should be reinstated.

  6. ciste says:

    Fraser, we’ve added the text from the press release on 7th April here:

  7. Grant Fairley says:

    Over the last few years the resort has got busier & busier,
    at weekends it’s not worth spending most of your day in queues after spending 3hrs driving to get there.
    We tend to use Glencoe, Glenshee & Nevis more even though Cairngorm has (in my opinion) the best terrain on offer.
    If the Ciste gully is loaded right down to the car park you need to wait for a bus to take u back to the bottom of the Funicular & join the queue again.
    Surely if they are thinking of expanding for summer mountain bike use they need to provide uplift in the Ciste as I didn’t think they would be able to use the funicular as at the moment you’re not even allowed to walk out of the top station onto the hill when there is not snow on the ground.
    Rant over.

  8. Stephen Hendry says:

    To skiers it is a no brainer that the Ciste chair lifts need reinstated. We need skiers on the board of the new organisation to address the mistakes of the past. We also need to remind people that experienced skiers could park, buy tickets and access superb ski terrain from the Ciste car park. It worked fine before and could work again.

  9. Fraser says:

    So basically there going to do nothing reguarding anything outside the top station. Hardly surprising. + I bet lift ticket prices will go up.

  10. luke says:

    This ski area is one of the best in the UK. I have skied all over world in multiple countries! But Scotland is where I learnt and I ski here year in year out! Why take away parts of this great ski area. This is a vital part of the UK snow sports.

  11. Jeraldo says:

    I visited this area for the first time in 20 years last year. While the non skiing facilities have vastly improved, (although I loved the old ptarmigan igloo), the lift facilities were shockingly poorer. No white lady tow anymore, the faicall tow gone, as was the aonach tow, plus 2 West wall chairs gone. And the West wall poma was shut. This on a day when there was too much snow for the funicular to operate, and they still have the cheek to charge full price for lift tickets. And to think they once talked about increasing their lifts into lurcher gully. I was most disappointed.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  13. Margaret Reid says:

    Jeraldo says it all. I was looking forward to skiing the ciste gully and the adjoining runs last year, with a season ticket..never saw them open. I thought maybe it was a temporary situation.Sounds a commercial decision gone mad. Really sad after 41 years skiing in Scotland to see this.

  14. Grover Hooks says:

    This is really interesting, a very professional and well argued blog/case.

  15. Mountainlover says:

    Before anything is ‘restored’ CML should be compelled to tidy up the mess left by White Lady, aonach and Ciste derelict tows. Pretty typical of ski resorts that the focus is on convenience rather than environment. Still it’s not as if the place is special, unique or protected. Oh …wait a minute …news just in…..

  16. chestionare auto says:

    Save the Ciste

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