About the Campaign

The ‘Save the Ciste’ Campaign is a grass-roots movement initiated by persons concerned about the future of snowsports in Coire na Ciste, CairnGorm. The Campaign Team is no individual person and no set group, but an ever-changing conglomeration of individuals. Never constant – always adapting and moving forwards as we build momentum.

This is not a campaign aimed against the operating company, but a campaign aimed at achieving a goal which will benefit and help them. We are not interested in unfounded opinion or petty squabbles, but in the promotion and exploration of fact and reason. Through the ‘Save the Ciste’ Campaign we aim to do just that. This is an issue which has been left in the lurch for too long. Only by raising this issue to the fore and gaining public awareness and support can we hope to achieve a definite outcome, and we believe that only the reinstatement of these two Chairlifts can lead to a positive outcome for the future of CairnGorm as a whole.

If you have already signed the E-Petition then we thank you and appreciate your support. If you haven’t yet signed the E-Petition, or are wondering why you should, then we ask that you read the information in the sections on the right-hand-side of the page so that you might make your own mind up.

Thank you for visiting our website.

– ‘Save the Ciste’ Campaign Team, 2011.