A busy week for Save the Ciste

A busy and exciting week ahead for the Save the Ciste campaign. On Thursday several members of the campaign will be meeting with Natural Retreats and giving a presentation on options and concepts for the redevelopment of Coire na Ciste.

The objective is not to simply re-instate as was, but to bring the Ciste Chairlifts back into service as part of an integrated phased development that seeks to improve CairnGorm Mountain’s offering both in winter and year round by more fully realising the fantastic potential of Coire na Ciste.

Lower Ciste Gully

Many think of Coire na Ciste as an area for only advanced skiers and borders. However we will also this week be having a meeting with some local Snowsport Instructors to explore the potential options for providing enhanced learning facilities in the lower and most sheltered parts of Coire na Ciste. These areas would be supported by a modern snow making system, with access from the Coire na Ciste Chairlift’s new intermediate station (which will also provide an effective replacement for the decommissioned Aonach Poma for more experienced riders).

We’ll post updates later in the week.


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